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AccuSolar U.S Department of Energy Grant

Updated: Apr 17

This year, exciting things are happening at AccuSolar. Our team has spent the past two decades creating floating solar dock technology, continuously striving to develop innovative methods for designing, installing, and storing solar energy in advanced floating solar platforms. While this happens every year, thanks to the recent United States Department of Energy grant, things are about to take off.

We are looking to revolutionize the floating solar industry. These are big words, but a change we are incredibly passionate about and dedicated to achieving. Right now, floating solar is costly, challenging to install, and difficult to store efficiently. For these reasons, things need to change, and thanks to the United States Department of Energy, AccuSolar has the power to do just that.

The Department of Energy will fund AccuSolar to support our new innovative project. The funding will help the company develop the technology and processes required to drastically enhance current floating solar systems. But what does this mean for AccuSolar, and what will this grant do for the floating solar industry? Here's everything you need to know.

How This Grant Affects AccuSolar

It's no secret that designing, manufacturing, and installing floating solar power systems is time-consuming and expensive. It's a significant barrier preventing the wide adoption of the technology — and many companies and investors from making the giant leap into this type of solar production.

But what if those costs could be reduced? And what if there were more efficient means to install these systems? With this new boost in funds and backing from the Department of Energy, the company will dedicate even more time and resources to making affordable, easy-to-install floating solar platforms.

The funds will hasten this project's scope and bring affordable floating solar to you much faster. We've worked incredibly hard to achieve it; this funding is a huge step forward and something we've envisioned for years. The funding for the project, officially titled U.S. Floating Solar Manufacturing Innovations for Improved Cost and Performance, will be allocated across three separate budget periods.

The first will focus on designing components and systems, exploring different designs, finalizing, modeling, analyzing operational costs, and identifying test sites. The second budget period will focus on fabrication, installation, and test site commissioning. The third and final period will be collecting data and monitoring, determining whether they are cost-effective, developing a manufacturing plan, and outlining supply chains.

What Does AccuSolar Hope to Achieve With This Project?

Reduce Solar Costs

Right now, floating solar is clunky, time-consuming to install, and tricky to set up, not to mention the cost. For these reasons, many companies haven't fully adopted the technology yet. But now AccuSolar can develop more streamlined methods of installing your solar, lowering production costs and, as a result, radically reducing solar costs for everyone involved in the process.

Make Floating Solar Energy Easy To Install

This grant will allow AccuSolar to make a more streamlined installation process. While AccuSolar has already developed an industry-leading process, this new solar project will change how consumers see floating solar and make the commitment to the installation process less off-putting.

Improve Solar Energy Variables

Another huge barrier to the adoption of floating solar is the high variables. As with most renewable energy, vast amounts of energy are lost with current technologies. However, this is something AccuSolar can majorly improve. We are reducing high variables and making floating solar more consistent and reliable. We can create systems that efficiently harness and store solar power by collaborating with industry experts and utilizing innovative technology.

The Future of Floating Solar

The Department of Energy grant will have a massive positive impact on AccuSolar. The grant will allow us to develop advanced floating photovoltaic technology further and create highly efficient floating solar systems–revolutionizing the floating solar industry in the process. That's the bottom line.

But this project and funding source doesn’t stop with AccuSolar. It will reduce solar costs and shape the future of floating solar technology in the United States. Imagine a world where floating solar powered the majority of the U.S. power. What if it was affordable and easy to install? Floating solar has a huge potential to create and consume energy.

This is only the beginning, and our team can't wait to be part of this exciting future. If you want to learn more about the future of floating solar, read about AccuSolar's renewable energy goals and what they can do for solar energy production.



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