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AccuSolar began with AccuDock—our Pompano Beach, FL-based company that has specialized in creating and perfecting floating dock technology for more than 20 years. Recently, we realized that AccuDock's technology could be used for more than just manufacturing and installing docks. It could also be used in the solar energy realm—for providing floating structures that allow for the installation and usage of solar panels on water rather than land. That's how AccuSolar was born: out of our desire to design, build, and anchor floating systems to mount solar panels on.


AccuSolar plays a vital role in advancing renewable energy in the United States. While countries across Europe and Asia have been using floating solar technology for years, the US lags behind the rest of the globe. There are only a handful of companies providing structures in this country that make it possible to harness solar power on the water. Currently, US land costs (as well as the cost of land preparation) limit the area that can be (or is being) used for solar panel installation. Without the ability to mount solar on water, we are limited in our capacity to harness solar power as a cost-effective, easily accessible energy source.

AccuSolar hopes to solve this particular problem—using our long-trusted AccuDock floating technology, which will make it possible to place solar panels on top of the water and not just land.


What sets AccuSolar apart from our competitors that provide floating structures for solar panels is that our design is not built from a fixed mold. No matter the size of the solar panel that will be mounted on top of them, their base sizes and shapes are always the same. In contrast, AccuSolar uses AccuDock technology, which can be built to any size necessary. This means that AccuSolar structures can be engineered to adequately support specific solar panels—no matter what size those solar panels are or who manufactured them. 

By relying on the decades of knowledge developed at AccuDock, and being specific about the size and layout of the floating structure and the solar panels on top of it (as well as how the entire system is anchored), AccuSolar technology provides the most stable and functional floating solar systems available in the country—which means a safer and smarter investment for anyone looking to use renewable energy sources and harness the power of solar for a reduced environmental impact.

What Sets AccuSolar Apart From Competition?

Currently, when solar panels are installed on the floating systems available in the US, the contractors or EPCs installing them buy a number of panels that is 5% or 6% greater than the number of panels actually needed. This is because solar panels have a big issue with microfractures, which are tiny hairline splits within the cells of the panels that throw the entire panel off. Microfractures happen easily—especially on floating systems—from things like people walking on them, wind, and even installation. Unlike current floating solar structures, AcccuSolar's systems offer a more stable design and decrease the need for maintenance and replacement. This means AccuSolar is an overall more cost-effective solution than the alternatives. 


Also, the design of AccuSolar's system reduces the risk of damage or breakage by using a completely new and innovative design. While current systems (even fixed, ground-mounted systems) install solar panels at a fixed, angled tilt on a central axis (and panels are tilted on the axis to face two concrete directions daily), AccuSolar installs panels completely flat, facing south. This eliminates the entire array's exposure to forces like wind and water. It also limits factors like anchoring cost and necessary engineering. Thanks to the know-how of AccuDock experts, AccuSolar makes floating solar simpler and more powerful.


Finally, AccuSolar is the cleanest, most aesthetically pleasing option for floating solar. With AccuDock's design and technology—including aluminum gangways and ramps and spaces for hiding wires, AccuSolar offers users a very clean, sleek, and professional look. So far, alternative floating solar options have been messy and disorganized—they take away from the aesthetic beauty of the environment they're placed in.


To learn more about how AccuSolar is different and why we stand out from competitors, browse our webpage and read about our design.

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