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Floating Solar Project

Bringing over two decades of experience in the Floating Dock industry.


AccuSolar designs are built with the project and client needs in mind. Our solar arrays can be engineered to adequately support specific solar panels—no matter what size those panels are or who

manufactured them.


Our goal is to provide the most stable and functional floating solar systems available in the market—which means a smarter investment for any business looking to use renewable energy.

What Sets
Us Apart

Here at AccuSolar, we have the latest in advanced photovoltaic technology, which sets us apart from other companies in the industry.


Our systems are not only built from the highest grade materials on the market, but our unique design allows for a more sleek, stable system that decreases the need for costly replacements and frequent maintenance.


AccuSolar offers a wealth of long-term benefits and expanded efficiency through floating solar technology.


Businesses can reduce their environmental impact while gaining access to sustainable energy and ultimately lower energy costs.

Solar panel being installed on lake
Green Sustainable 
Low Maintenance, Long Lasting and Reliable
Reduce Gas Emissions
Lower Energy Costs
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