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Installing AccuSolar floating PV systems can be hugely beneficial to your business.


Our floating solar energy systems hold an array of benefits that simply cannot be found with the installation of traditional ground-mounted solar panels, allowing AccuSolar to stand out from the competition.

Floating solar panel at sunset

Environmental Impact

By relying on the decades of knowledge developed at AccuDock, AccuSolar technology provides the most stable and functional floating solar systems available in the country. This means a safer and smarter investment for anyone looking to use sustainable energy sources and harness the power of solar for a reduced

environmental impact.


When you install our renewable energy systems, you’ll conserve more land and combat climate change simultaneously. With renewable energy becoming more desirable, floating solar is the most

eco-friendly opportunity.

solar panel close up
Envirometa Impact
Solar panel in a tropical location

Enhanced Efficiency 

Traditional solar typically only allows one side of the panel to pick up sunlight. We utilize the high reflectivity of our white float platforms to pick up on bifacial panel technology. This means that both sides of the solar panel receive sunlight, thus making our panels anywhere from 12% to 18%

more efficient.


With floating solar energy systems, the body of water has a cooling effect on the panels, which differs from traditional ground-mounted solar.

Enhaned Efficency

Reduced Evaporation

Installing floating solar protects the bodies of water from the sun.


This reduces evaporation, and when added to hydroelectric dams, our panels can help protect valuable water supplies. They also come with our patent-pending single-axis design, the first in the industry. This allows us to provide a single-axis tube that the panels can rotate on, meaning that the angle of the panels can be adjusted to maximize efficiency in terms of

capturing sunlight. 

Construction workers installing a solar panel
Reduced Evaporation
Solar panel with significant technological innovations


Our design has evolved considerably over time, based on the needs of our customers and evolving technologies. 


Our platforms have major significant technological innovations, including single access tracking, which provides major cost savings and efficiency boosts for

your business.


Increased Safety
and Protection 

Bringing in our history with floating docks anchoring, we work with the
leaders in the marine anchoring and attachment industry to find a solution
that fits your needs. The single axis design is built to have the lowest impact
from winds resulting in a reduced anchoring layout requirements – lowering
overall project costs. Floating Solar systems will have a variety of anchoring
methods based on site evaluation and any restrictions on anchor location.
We can work to find the best solution for you to meet any wind requirements
or environmental obstacles.

Drone shot of a floating solar panel
Increased Safety an Protection
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