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Installing AccuSolar floating PV systems can be hugely beneficial to your business.


Our floating solar energy systems hold an array of benefits that simply cannot be found with the installation of traditional ground-mounted solar panels, allowing AccuSolar to stand out from the competition.

Floating solar panel at sunset

Benefits of AccuSolar

  • Unique manufacturing process resulting in large footprint floats allows for increased stability and evenly distributed buoyancy which creates a singular connected system. Less connections than competitors means less failure points on entire floating array, and reduces installation man-hours.

  • Floats are filled with closed-cell expanded polystyrene foam, which does not allow for more than 3% water penetration and will not sink. This means that replacement of individual float sections is highly unlikely and eliminates concerns with wiring becoming submerged—which saves costs over the life of the project.

  • Combination of structural framework and advanced understanding of anchoring allows us to strategically place a few quantity of stronger anchors, lowering installation costs.

  • Built for optimal efficiency per location requirements. We can build to any desired Fixed Tilt angle. Single Axis Seasonal Tracking system nests to 0° to reduce wind forces and mitigate damage. Daily Trackers +/- 60° estimated release date of 2024.

  • Superior Cable Management, no cables laying on the walkways for professional appearance. Our design includes a main walkway structure to mount combiner boxes or inverters to help conserve power loss from long wire runs.

  • Our white floats have a high albedo rating which can utilize bifacial technology for another added performance increase.

  • Ability to accommodate Solar Panels of any size and any manufacturer.

  • Overall design has estimated 80% less initial installation cost and 40% less operations and maintenance annual costs than competitors. Direct data yield studies currently underway to determine efficiency vs. competition.

Reduced Evaporation


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