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Our Design

We construct our floating solar platforms by utilizing AccuDock technology to ensure that our floating photovoltaics cater to installations of every size and shape. 

AccuSolar product line is based on floating platforms embedded with solar panels.  

These are comprised of individual floating dock sections, each fitted with vendor-furnished PV panels and an aluminum cross deck arranged to support a variety of large solar panels. 

The large floating platforms also create a level floating surface so as to not list or tilt under typical loading. Floating platform sections are filled airtight with closed cell expanded polystyrene foam which does not allow for more the 3% water penetration. Even if punctured, the platform will not sink, and the replacement of individual float sections will be highly unlikely. Marine-grade aluminum which will perform in any fresh, salt or other water conditions is used as the main base framework which attaches to the top of the float sections, holds the solar panels, and is the structure for the service walkway on each unit.


Each section has a walkway for O&M access and can be interconnected with adjacent floating sections and is designed for stacking.

Solar panel close up

The AccuSolar Difference

AccuSolar’s design ensures maximum stability on the water. Our EPS foam-filled floats will not sink, like air-filled rotational molded docks if the shell is compromised. 

With years of floating dock experience in the marine industry and using our AccuDock technology, each of our floating platforms provides superior stability and durability. Our floating platforms are made of HDPE flat sheets that fully encapsulate a rugged foam core. EPS is premium virgin material and does not contain CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, or formaldehyde which are harmful to the Earth’s ozone. EPS also does not produce contaminants that pollute the water. Premium HDPE creates no harmful emissions during production and also does not leak any toxic chemicals into the water. 


AccuSolar uses only eco-friendly materials. Our custom design allows for bifacial solar panels. Designed to have a maximum albedo from the reflection off of our white floating docks and open space will allow for adequate cooling to raise panel efficiency. With the weather in mind, AccuSolar has designed and engineered our floating solar platforms to withstand location, weather, wind, and wave elements.

Adapted Structure

We continuously improve our proven floating technology design according to evolving industry demands. Our floating solar energy systems include advanced features, such as our patent-pending single-axis tracking, that drive energy efficiency and cost savings.

Anchoring Features

AccuSolar’s advanced anchoring design is capable to be installed in various locations with different water depths, water level variations, wave action, and site constraints. This means it can withstand strong hurricane-level winds and other weather conditions. We follow specific anchoring requirements that minimize the required size of components, installation time, and force levels that may cause accidental damage. 

Improved Function 

Our products are made in the US with specialized features that reduce evaporation, minimizing the risks of damage to water supplies.

Floating solar panel close up

Apply AccuSolar’s proven floating technology to provide your operations with maximum energy production.

Through renewable conservations, your company can effectively harness the power of solar energy, reducing its overall environmental impact.

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