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Hi, We’re AccuSolar

Updated: Apr 17

Hi there, we are AccuSolar! You’re probably wondering who we are and what we do.

Read on to find out.

Floating Solar Farm in US

AccuSolar is the result of an innovative idea brought to life by the hard work of a couple of dreamers who care about change and renewable energy. More than 20 years ago, we started AccuDock, a Pompano Beach, FL-based company specializing in creating floating dock technology to help businesses take advantage of water surfaces and make them more usable.

Recently, we realized that these floating docks are the perfect housing for solar panels. Because water surfaces are an underutilized but ideal environment for installing solar systems — as they free up land space — we decided to launch AccuSolar. While we often hear that solar power is the future of the energy grid, the truth is that land costs are at an all-time high, placing financial ties and limits on how much area most organizations, businesses, and municipalities can devote to solar systems. In fact, in some regions that are investing heavily in solar power, and ensuing land rush is taking place. But the solution is simple. By tapping into the surface area provided by marine environments and lakes, lagoons, retention, and cooling ponds, we use space that does not compete with land areas to implement innovative floating renewable energy systems.

Our mission is to provide easy-to-install and relatively low-cost floating solar photovoltaic systems to localities across the United States that want to switch to renewable energy to gain a degree of energy independence. Our dedicated team of experts has decades of experience designing the perfect proven floating technology solution for your environment.

We hope this puts a renewable energy system into your grasp in ways that you never thought possible.

What services do we offer?

Our innovative but straightforward floating solar or "floatovoltaic" systems are based on floating platforms embedded with solar panels. Because each platform is a separate modular piece, we can get very creative about what size and shape we design your particular floating solar array to. Each float also creates a level floating surface that will not tilt while being loaded or unloaded and will not sink even if punctured.

Our platforms also have sectional floating walkways so that they are easy to access for suggested module maintenance. They are also stackable, meaning they are easy to transport in large quantities. We hinge the floating solar panels at an exact angle that is right for you before deployment so that, depending on your latitude, your floating solar panel system is inclined to the perfect position to catch the maximum amount of sun. These platforms contain no chemical pollutants and will not contaminate your water source or system. In fact, we use only eco-friendly materials in both the production and the construction of these docks and arrays.

Our framed docks that support the photovoltaic solar panels are made from high-quality structural marine-grade aluminum, which performs equally well in salt or freshwater environments. Mounting legs then attach these docks to the solar panels at predetermined locations so that you get the exact angle and position that works for your unique site and environment. The connections between these units are pure stainless steel bolts separated by rubber buffers so that corrosion can be contained and not spread between pieces of equipment.

You should install these mostly pre-assembled floating photovoltaic systems on closed bodies of water only, not where there is a lot of boat traffic and a constant wake. If installed on the water, they will do better where conditions are not rough and choppy, like in protected coves or inlets. Once shipped and received, the complete final assembly of these floating solar arrays takes less than three minutes and does not require any advanced technical knowledge or skill.

How to Get Started

Are you ready to find out more about how an innovative floating solar array can bring renewable power to your grid and help in the fight to stop global warming and climate change at the same time?

The long-term benefits of installing a floatovoltaic system include:

  • Green sustainable energy

  • Low maintenance, long-lasting and reliable

  • Reduce gas emissions

  • Lower energy costs

Our floating solar technology will work great for you if you have a business or municipality with access to a marine or freshwater environment. By freeing up valuable land and utilizing water surfaces instead, we free you of land use laws and other concerns that may be complicating the process.

Our innovative solar technology comes almost completely assembled for you and customized to your exact needs and environment. Even the precise angle of the panels will be calculated to get the best energy efficiency from the sunlight.


When you are ready to make an investment that will not only give you a high degree of energy sovereignty but help take care of the planet at the same time, contact us.


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