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Three Largest Floating Solar Farms in the World

Updated: Jun 12

Floating solar farms, also known as floating solar platforms and floating photovoltaic systems, are undoubtedly an essential bedrock technology for powering the future.

Countries already leading the world in implementing solar power on a large scale are investing heavily in floating solar energy systems.

Floating photovoltaics

Global Floating

Solar Farms

Floating photovoltaics, or FPV, is taking the world by storm. Portugal just announced the construction of Europe's largest floating solar farm, which is being built on top of the Alqueva reservoir and will hold over 12,000 individual solar panels. Built in 2016, the Queen Elizabeth II Reservoir Solar Project was the most extensive floating solar energy system and provides 6.3 Mega Watts of power right outside London.

Thailand has announced the construction of 15 floating solar farms, which are to be fully finished by 2050 and will help turn the country carbon neutral as soon as possible. India is also following suit; they just finished a massive 100-acre floating solar farm in Utter Pradesh that will provide an innovative solution to water evaporation.

In the United States, there are several large-scale floating photovoltaic systems either already online or in a state of construction, including the TECO floating solar energy platform near Tampa, Florida. The US Army has also just launched a massive floating solar system project in North Carolina, designed to provide carbon-free energy to nearby Camp Mackall.

When it comes to the largest floating solar systems in the world, all eyes are on Asia, where the continent has taken significant steps toward renewable energy solutions. So, let's take a quick look at the largest floating solar farms in China and Singapore.

The 3 Largest Floating Solar Farms in the World

  1. Dezhou Dingzhuang Floating Solar Farm: Located in China's Shandong Province, this 320 Mega Watt super floating solar system was brought online in 2021 and is connected to a wind farm. Combining solar and wind energy, this giant project will help catapult China into being a green energy superstar.

  2. Three Gorges New Energy Floating Solar Farm: Spanning China's iconic Yangtse River, the Three Gorges Dam was one of the first large-scale floating photovoltaic systems to be constructed globally. The 150 Mega Watt floating solar farm is built right on top of a lake and is part of the larger Three Gorges Dam hydro-electric project.

  3. Sembcorp Floating Solar Farm: Installed on the Tengeh Reservoir in Singapore, the Sembcorp floating solar energy system opened in 2021 and boasts 122,000 solar panels. The 60MW project was built across 45 hectares of land, roughly the size of 45 football fields.

The Future of Floating Solar

As you can see, the future of floating solar power systems is already here. The long-term benefits of installing a solar system are even more significant when you use an open water source to save land space for other renewable energy or conservation projects. Floating solar energy systems are one of the most flexible and efficient ways to harness solar power for organizations, businesses, and municipalities of all sizes.

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Our floating solar platforms are the perfect solution for all organizations and municipalities to quickly switch to renewable energy, tapping into existing water surfaces instead of valuable land to create. Give us a call today to discover more about our unique and customizable floating solar platforms.

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