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3 Common Misconceptions About Solar Energy

Updated: Apr 17

Floating Solar Platforms

Solar power: It’s a common topic for online discussions and friendly family chats. Consumers are concerned about energy prices. Many are looking for an alternative power source that is less expensive than gas or electricity and does less harm to the planet.

As a concerned citizen, you may have considered switching to solar power for some time but are worried about some concerning things you may have heard. These negative notions are misconceptions that continue to make the rounds despite evidence to the contrary. The truth about your energy options is positive.

At AccuSolar, we are committed to bringing you safe, efficient, and convenient solar power and want to share helpful information. Below you will find facts about solar energy and how it can improve your quality of life and better the planet.


Misconceptions have sometimes obscured the truth about solar energy. Three examples are:

1. Solar Only Works in Warm Weather

Solar energy has been used for decades, but some still believe it only works when the sun is out. According to this theory, your solar platform will stop working on rainy days or anytime the sun goes behind a cloud. Fortunately, this concept is untrue.

Solar platforms catch the sun’s rays even on the coldest, cloudiest days. More solar energy hits the Earth in a single hour than all of humanity needs for an entire year. The sun gives us almost limitless energy. A cloudy day certainly does not harm the effectiveness of your solar energy system.

Remember, excess solar power is not a waste. It can also be stored or shared with a grid. Some people sell their excess energy to a power company to further reduce their costs.

2. Solar Platforms Are Made of Toxic Materials

Some consumers may believe solar platforms are dangerous because they are manufactured from highly toxic materials. However, this belief is a misunderstanding. While some solar platforms are more eco-friendly than others, you never have to worry about toxicity with AccuSolar. Our floating platforms are made from eco-friendly materials. We use EPS, a premium virgin material that does not contain CFSs, HFCs, HCFCs, or formaldehyde — all substances that harm the Earth’s ozone layer. Our premium HDPE does not produce toxic emissions during production or leak toxins into the water. You and the planet are safe with our products. We provide you with ecologically sensitive options.

3. Solar Platforms Require A Lot of Maintenance

For some consumers, maintaining solar platforms sounds expensive and time-consuming. This belief is another misconception. In fact, solar energy systems usually require very little maintenance. Our AccuSolar floating photovoltaics generally need less maintenance than land-mounted solar arrays. With our products, you do not have to worry about grass growth and other tall vegetation covering your PV system. Fear of maintenance should never keep you from going solar, and our system is one of the easiest to maintain.

Misconceptions are common when it comes to solar power. Wary consumers may believe it is not safe or reliable and decide to stick with traditional energy sources. In fact, solar has been proven to be an eco-friendly, affordable, and convenient energy source.

Consumers should carefully consider their energy choices using current information. Solar platforms work when the sun isn’t shining; our systems are made from non-toxic, environmentally sound materials with minimal maintenance needs.

The truth about solar is primarily positive, and consumers may improve their energy situation if they switch. Some may lower their energy bills as well. Here at AccuSolar, we aim to bring you solar power for a reduced environmental impact and better individual energy service.

Don’t stop with this blog. Learn more facts from our experienced team at AccuSolar.

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