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Latest Updates

Jan 19, 2024

AccuSolar is making waves in the renewable energy sector with groundbreaking developments.

AccuSolar’s vision is to be a global leader in the renewable energy sector by revolutionizing the solar industry through innovative floating solutions that maximize energy generation and minimize environmental impact.

Our solutions lead to benefits from increased energy output due to cooling of effects of water, optimizing land space by occupying underutilized bodies of water, and brings U.S. manufacturing with a background in floating structures to an application that is ready to explode in the United States. Our innovative solar technology offers a unique design which has a clear advantage over competition. We are the only company building floating solar with a mindset of quality in materials and putting an emphasis on design in relation to energy yield efficiencies. Floating Solar in the United States is going to happen on a large scale, and we promise to help it!

AccuSolar Corporate Headquarters

We're thrilled to announce the completion of our new production facility! Operations are expected to begin on February 1, 2024. This move is a significant step towards enhancing our company's production capabilities to meet the growing demand for our products.

Department of Energy Grant

AccuSolar is pioneering the world's first floating solar axis tracking technology with our innovative "GEN2" design. Currently in phase two of the Grant process, three demonstration sites have been selected to install 50-100kW. These will be vital for validation, testing and data collection as we continue to push forward the floating solar technology.

Recipient of D.O.E. Solar Energy Technologies Office National Lab Voucher

To ensure our design's resilience, we partnered with the NREL, renowned for their expertise in fluid simulation. Leveraging their cutting-edge software and knowledge, we'll generate precise dynamic wind load forces. This crucial data will not only de-risk our design but also act as a valuable cross-check against DNV's work, maximizing the likelihood of preventing potential issues in the future. The insights gleaned from this analysis can drive cost-reducing design optimizations.

Building Relationships

Driven by a vision of seamless innovation, we have been diligently expanding our network across key industry players. We've forged valuable connections with talented developers, tapped into the expertise of experienced EPC's, and brought on board skilled mechanical and electrical installers. This strategic networking fuels our ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between conceptualizing cutting-edge solutions and bringing them to life, ensuring every project receives the expertise it deserves from conception to installation. By fostering these collaborative partnerships, we're not just strengthening our own foundation, but building a robust ecosystem that propels the entire industry forward.

These updates demonstrate our commitment to innovation and excellence in the floating solar industry. With our strong partnerships and innovative technology, AccuSolar is poised to continue providing high-quality and reliable floating solar solutions to its clients across the nation.

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