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5 Renewable Energy Facts (You Probably Didn't Know)

Updated: Apr 17

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As we move into 2023, the importance of generating clean, renewable energy has never been more apparent. How we innovate and develop new technologies to harness renewable energy sources will determine how quickly we can eliminate fossil fuel production. Renewable, clean energy is vital to how we consume energy if we stand any chance of a sustainable, prosperous, and energy-efficient future.

Although it's common knowledge that we need to focus on cleaner energy sources, are we progressing toward a clean, sustainable future? We scoured the net to see what the numbers said and found some intriguing stats suggesting we are on track. But before we dive into the numbers, what is renewable energy?

What Is Renewable Energy?

In short, renewable energy is any form of power that naturally replenishes itself before it’s consumed. There are numerous methods of creating clean energy, some of the most common being wind, solar, tidal, and hydroelectric. These clean energy sources are abundant and, when harnessed, don't produce the same toxic greenhouse gasses as fossil fuels.

There are various forms of extracting natural energy, and many companies – including AccuSolar – are working hard to create innovative methods of retrieving, storing, and using these forms of energy efficiently. Many countries have widely adopted renewable forms of energy, with some of the most eco-conscious being Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Germany.

Why Is Renewable Energy Crucial to the Environment?

Because renewable energy replenishes itself, these largely untapped energy sources are virtually unlimited. These sources also don't produce greenhouse gasses that are damaging to the environment. Instead, they harness vast amounts of naturally occurring power rather than extracting a finite resource.

You only have to look at the data to realize how strikingly clear the impact of burning fossil fuels is on our environment. Add that to the limited nature of all fossil fuel energy sources, and you have two huge reasons why renewable energy is vital in protecting our environment and creating a sustainable future.

5 Facts You Didn't Know About Renewable Energy

Wind and Solar Energy Are the Fastest-growing Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources account for 26% of global energy production, which is set to increase to 30% by 2024. Wind and solar energy production are, by far, the fastest-growing methods of renewable energy production right now. Just behind solar, wind-generated renewable energy is the second fastest-growing type. Widely adopted across many nations, wind energy production is set to increase by a whopping 57% by 2024.

Renewable Energy Is Getting Cheaper

With innovative technology and increased energy storage capacity, renewables are becoming cheaper. For example, solar energy is set to become 35% cheaper by 2024. Various companies are working innovatively to develop the technologies to make this happen, and it's something here at AccuSolar that we are working extremely hard to make possible.

Renewable Energy Creates 5X More Jobs Than Fossil Fuel Jobs.

Because of the various steps involved with developing, creating, installing, and storing renewables, energy and renewable energy production processes create 5 times as many jobs as in the fossil fuel industry. As more companies acknowledge that clean energy production is essential for success and longevity, more jobs will appear as the industry becomes more prominent.

Solar Power Could Be the World's Top Power Source by 2050

According to BloombergNEF, solar power was only responsible for 3% of global energy production in 2020; it predicts this could rise to 22% by 2050. Solar is the cleanest and most abundant form of naturally occurring energy. Solar could become the most prominent global energy source as companies continue developing technology to harness its infinite power. What an exciting future!

Many nations are looking to increase their solar power capabilities, with the United States planning to double its solar installations from 2 million to 4 million by 2023.

One Wind Turbine Can Power Up to 1500 Homes Per Year

Did you know a single wind turbine can power 1500 homes per year? This is a striking statistic that highlights just how powerful wind energy can be. Typically, onshore wind turbines produce KWH hours of electricity per year, which, based on usage data averages, is equivalent to powering 1500 households per year.

The Future of Renewable Energy

The future of renewable energy is inspiring. As numerous companies continuously innovate and create better methods of harnessing these largely untapped energy sources, we will continue to develop clean energy and make it more affordable. Eventually, the goal is to reduce and eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels.

This combination of desire, hard work, and innovation means renewables will eventually overtake fossil fuels over the next few years. On planet earth, we have an abundance of energy, however, we haven't yet learned to harness its full potential. When we do, it will pave the way for an exciting, efficient, prosperous, and sustainable future.

If you want to discover more about the future of renewable energy and how AccuSolar is revolutionizing solar energy production, contact us today.



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