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Installing floating solar arrays may sound more complicated than installing land-mounted solar panels — but it's not. AccuSolar makes every step of the installation process easy, so you can have your floating solar panels installed quickly and efficiently.

Preassembled Floatovoltaics

AccuSolar pre-assembles all the floats and materials your business needs to generate power from floating solar energy systems. They arrive ready for installation, and require less time than competitors in the field.


Easy On-Site Installation

The best option for installing floating solar systems varies by location. A crane can lift the entire solar array and place it directly onto a floating system. Alternatively, AccuSolar can prepare your team to arrange the solar arrays together in a row and push them into water. 


Regardless, there’s a huge advantage when you choose proven floating renewable energy technology that requires less time and fewer contractors to install.

Durability for Reliable Renewable Energy

AccuSolar maintains a long-term perspective, resulting in durable products that produce energy reliably. While other companies use plastic screw connections, we rely on stainless steel hardware that can last decades, even in saltwater environments.


Anchoring keeps your floating solar panels in place and helps them endure stress caused by storms and other adverse weather conditions. AccuSolar will work on the best anchoring solutions at your location. 


We are the only floating solar manufacturer that can take advantage of AccuDock, a proven technology suitable for work platforms and heavy machinery. All of our products are made in the US with only US parts.

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Minimal Maintenance Required

Floating photovoltaics often need less maintenance than land-mounted solar arrays. For example, you don’t need to worry about grass and other tall vegetation covering your floating PV system.


The maintenance required for land-mounted systems — such as cleaning to remove dust and dirt — is also needed for floating systems. AccuSolar isn’t maintenance-free, but it is an easier way to generate renewable energy without taking up precious real estate.

Contact AccuSolar today to learn more about our innovative floating solar energy systems.
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